Monday, February 14, 2011

Runs down in the 'Jeans':

Jeans have remained the ‘in’ thing for centuries, ranging from the bell bottomed or flared jeans to the skin/slim fit jeans and cigarette pants that one sees these days. They are like the LBD. They never ever go out of fashion.

Only that, jeans have become more scandalous now than fashionable. Remember Mr. Obama’s ‘Mom Jeans’ that caused a scandal last year. But, thank God, they were ATLEAST in the right place. That seems to be a rarity now, with people letting their jeans run down.

Me (sniggering a little, nodding towards the staircase): “Bye! All the best! Don’t worry too much about your viva, you will do well. And, tell that classmate of yours to pull his pants up; putting his undies on display isn’t going to fetch him any extra marks.”

Sis (in an exasperated tone): “Di! Stop staring at the wrong places.”
Me: “That guy is going up the stairs. He is the only person I can see up ahead of you. And more than anything else I find his fat bottom and drop down jeans obstructing most part of my vision frame. ”

*Sis rolls her eyes and walks away to her exam*

I suppose you have read/heard this before – wearing tight jeans can lead to impotency. And the counter part? Wearing sagging jeans impedes your walking abilities. What is the fun of having to drag your feet along? Or putting your bum out and walking in a very ape like manner, trying to prevent the jeans slipping off and revealing ‘the other half’ of your anyway half covered bottom?

Weird is the way the dressing sense is going. Flashing of inner-wear and cleavages is the in thing. And it is not only the men and their “Jockey” showing through. I find more and more women creeping into this category too. “Flaunt it if you have got it”. Is that the common motto for all cleavages? :S These girls really need to get a grip. But irrespective of sex/age I think that nobody likes to see such sites in offices, malls or even in clubs.

Do you know how G-strings came into existence? They were designed by a granny who was shocked to discover that her grand-daughters had given up wearing underwear because its band would show up while their low waist jeans would go down!

‘Jockey‘ by far has become the most popular inner-wear brand. A brand that people love to show off. *rolls eyes* With the trend that men today follow, I wonder if the sales of RED Jockeys went higher this Valentine season. *Chokes*

Jeans facts also reveal that people, especially women, those of a little plus size, buy jeans which are a size or two smaller and make it a target to fit into them. :O I blame LEE for this. Coming up with their ‘skinny – not for the masses’ jeans. All the mass (pun intended) did try to fit in there. The skinny, the slim, the big, the fat and the obese, everybody wanted to fit into it. I admit, I wanted to get into them too when I had not shed my baby fat. Now I hate them completely.

Also, I am still to understand what is the fun of wearing torn jeans. You may want to call me stuck-up with the old fashion, but I really don’t think that gaping holes at the knees or anywhere else for that matter look very fashionable. Agreed that it is in sync with the workman attire that jeans were originally designed for, but now that denims are part of chic fashion, don’t you think torn jeans are passé?

Jeans did make a lot of other things popular though, like:
- Tattoos just above your lumbar vertebrae. Quoting:
“You are closer than you should be, if you can read this” (in minute writing)
“Dekho magar pyaar se…”
- The jockey brand
- G-strings
- Tummy tops
- Piercing

I swear I have a personal itch to try pulling one of those sagging baggy pants down and see what it results in. I think that there will be a day when I will really try it on somebody. Maybe on a day when I am in one of my devil-may-care-moods. Watch out people!