Monday, April 11, 2011

Pride Personified

He is like a story book character. He would probably be a villain, if the book was mine.

I have never seen a prouder face before. I don’t know him; yet. The only interaction that has happened is exchange, no not exchange, of me wishing him good morning. A squarish face, with a prominent jaw-line. Tanned skin, unkempt wavy hair. Tall, probably 6ft., he holds himself to his full height, without any of the anomalies/glitches that tall people have; like hunching from their shoulders or bending from the waist or looking down and walking. The gravity doesn’t seem to affect his stance.

He looks at things around him with a lazy interest, giving the impression that he may be drowsy. But his mind is keen, absorbing everything that is being discussed. He isn’t a part of the discussion, but he is very much there. Those lips part, to mock at us; his objects of entertainment. He doesn’t smile the semi-circular - lips turned up kind of smile. It’s a crooked, lopsided kind of grin. A mirthful laughter that makes you realize that his features are set in a dour kind of way. Nose; sharp, pointed and dead center, the nostrils a little flared when he laughs.

His aplomb is such, that if he were to sit at his desk with his legs on the table, that would look like the normal decorum. What he wears, or what he does is what would become the trend for the people around him.

His pride is his quintessence. I have never felt it so strongly in anybody else.